Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prepping Cake For Freezing

The best cake decorating tip I can share with you, is to freeze your cake layers prior to frosting. This tip will have you icing your cake like a professional.

I like to bake the cake a day or two ahead of time. After the cake has cooled, I double wrap in waxed paper. Followed by a double wrapping in tin foil. Just be careful not to smash your cake. 

Place wrapped cake layers on a baking tray, then freeze. You can stack the cake layers later, but for now we want them to freeze level.

Once you are ready to frost, you will start with a light coating, called a crumb coat. The purpose of the crumb coat is to lock in any cake crumbs that may get into your frosting. Since the cake is frozen, frosting is easier. I don't have to worry about the cake cracking. (I will do a full post on crumb coating soon.)   

The crumb coating is followed by a second layer of frosting. Then piping is used to finish the edges. I decorate simply, but clean. I feel with these simple techniques anyone can put out a professional looking cake.

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