Thursday, September 12, 2013

How To Make Ground Turkey Taste Like Ground Beef

This tutorial, on making ground turkey taste like beef, is the most viewed post on this blog. Seems people like healthy eating, and that is a good thing! While I've used that recipe for many years, I have now changed it.

Why the change? I was poking around on my pinterest boards, when I noticed someone pinned the original recipe. She tried it, then posted it under one of her boards, titled something to the effect, recipes that were not that good. Right away, I knew I had to improve it. I mean, I can't have someone not like my recipes.

I am not one to get sensitive over criticism. Back in high school, a dear classmate taught me that it was okay to accept constructive criticism. From that, we learn to better ourselves. It was a lesson well received. You see, this lady wasn't saying I was a bad person, or that she didn't like me. What she was saying, was the recipe wasn't great. So with that in mind, I set out to make this recipe the best that it can be. I hope you like it as much as I do.

I only use lean ground turkey. I think this brand is readily available, but I happen to find the best price at Sam's Club, at  $2.39 per pound!

All you have to do, is add 1 tablespoon of Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce per 1 pound of ground turkey.

Then incorporate the Kitchen Bouquet into the meat. Now, this is to give the turkey the flavor of beef. So, before you begin any recipe, you will do this, then continue on with your recipe, by adding the required seasoning ingredients.

To crumble, just give your cooking surface a coat of oil.

And cook up, as you would ground beef. You are going to need to season it, as you would beef. So if you just want ground beef, add a little salt and pepper. Or better yet, follow the recipe that you intend on making.

I like the coloring and caramelization that the Kitchen Bouquet gives to the meat. I really could not tell that it was ground turkey.


1 Pound ground turkey
1 Tablespoon Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce

In a medium sized mixing bowl, combine Kitchen Bouquet Browning Liquid into the ground turkey. Use this meat mixture as you would ground beef, per your recipe instructions. 

Now that you know how to season the ground turkey, to taste like ground beef, let me direct you to a great tasting Sloppy Joe recipe, using this technique. Just click the link. Catherine's Hamburger BBQ

If a burger is more to your liking, learn how to make Turkey Burger Patties. No more bland, dry turkey burgers!


  1. Right on!! Good tips! I switched to ground turkey many years ago as well. It took some time to make the complete switch. We would cook with 1/2 gr beef and 1/2 gr turkey, and little by little we were 100% turkey.
    I find gr turkey breast to be more difficult to cook with because it is so dry, but these tips are very good advice.
    Switching from beef to turkey is not like going vegan! You are on point when you say you have switched to a leaner, healthier option!
    I have an additional tip you might consider...adding veggies. When I am going to cook up gr turkey for spaghetti or tacos, or something similar, I often will spray the pan with cooking spray, sautee onions, peppers, garlic and then add the turkey. I often will grate in potato, zucchini, etc to add some moisture and bulk without adding fat. It make it delicioso!

  2. Thanks for sharing a great way of transitioning to ground turkey. I am glad you stuck with it, and are now reaping the benefits of healthy eating. You are right, this is not like going vegan. I tried a week of that. It was hard work, but in all honestly, I felt more energized and healthier. I would like to make a comparison, since you brought up vegan. In the way that tofu is able to absorb spices, I would say that ground turkey is the same. It can be manipulated, to take on different flavors, using a variety of spices, and as you pointed out, vegetables.

  3. I am cooking a turkey burger on the grill right now!

  4. Had to comment on this recipe and you as a blogger. It's so refreshing to see someone give an honest and thoughtful post about something where so many similar 'bloggers' fall short.

    Recipe searches are one of the most common of internet inquiries. Whether it's someone looking for a healthier option, as in this post substituting a leaner healthier white meat for the less healthy red meat.. yet creating similar tastes to what you would get with red meat.

    Or others that may be looking low-carb , low-sodium, gluten-free etc. And still more may just want to get that fast food taste at home in a healthier version by looking for a copycat recipe from their favorite restaurant.

    Regardless.. in almost every case the creators of said recipe are very defensive of their 'art' they won't tolerate critiques, rarely entertain questions if it falls along the lines of 'improving' the dish and even delete replies they feel are negative just because the person replying didn't think they quite hit the mark.

    In a world of online recipe's and wannabe Gordon Ramsay's this stands out to me. Your words in the description of how you saw it as constructive criticism and not necessarily putting you down and only drove you to want to improve versus so many other recipe contributers seemingly writing the common folk off with a "well you just don't understand true gastronomy, cause I think it's delicious" means a lot.

    I have used this recipe to help with Ground Turkey as a faux beef for over 2 years now and still is my favorite.


  5. kingcd, Wow! Some days I wonder why I even blog. It certainly is time consuming, and you wonder who is reading. Then a post, like yours, comes along and I know that it's worthwhile.

  6. My boyfriend was told by his doctor to start eating lean meats and less red meat. He thinks ground turkey looks gross and won't even entertain trying it.
    With your recipe, I have successfully tricked him into eating "ground beef" tacos and enchiladas on 3 separate occasions! And he has loved every meal so far. This recipe is literally a life saver! <3

  7. We're just learning to cook with ground turkey instead of ground beef. Of all the things we've tried using your idea tastes best! It's a keeper for us. Thanks!