Saturday, May 2, 2015

Kitchen Aid Fruit and Vegetable Strainer Attachment Review

Before purchasing the Kitchen Aid fruit and vegetable strainer; I researched blogs, youtube, and talked with a representative at Kitchen Aid. I felt confident that this attachment, to my mixer, was going to make the job of deseeding berries a cinch.  

This is the set up. To use the strainer attachment, you have to have the grinder attachment, also. The grinder acts as the housing, to which the strainer attaches. The mixing bowl catches the liquid, but you will need a second container to catch the pulp. 

Right away I knew there was a problem! I was not satisfied with the amount of seeds going into the liquid. So, I reached for a strainer to catch them.

I was more disappointed with the amount of pulp being wasted.

I gathered up the pulp and mashed it through a fine mesh strainer.

To reclaim some juice!

I aborted using the Kitchen Aid strainer, after two packages of raspberries. I feel this is not the attachment to deseed berries. I'm sure it is fine for other fruits and vegetables, with larger seeds; but that is not why I purchased it. 

I hope this review will be helpful to you. I will be posting another review for the Kitchen Aid juicer attachment shortly. Then I will wrap up the reviews with a quick and efficient way to deseed berries.

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