Sunday, May 3, 2015

Kitchen Aid Juicer and Sauce Attachment Review

I purchased the Kitchen Aid Juicer and Sauce Attachment, for my mixer; for the sole purpose of deseeding raspberries. I wanted something that was quick, efficient, and required minimal effort, on my part.

This is a slow juicer, also called a masticating juicer. It chops and grinds food, at a slow pace. This type of juicer will extract the most juice. It works best on fibrous foods, vs citrus.

I am pleased with the amount of juice. I am also pleased with the waste coming out of the feed. It is dry and compact. Just as you would expect from a slow juicer. Minimal waste. 

I was disappointed with the amount of seeds that went into the juice. I had to strain two or three times, using a fine mesh strainer. All in all, the use of the juicer, made the process of deseeding berries much faster. 

Let me note, that after processing berries, using this juicer, I called Kitchen Aid to see what their recommendations, for deseeding berries was. They recommended the Kitchen Aid Fruit and Vegetable Strainer. You can see my review here.  Looking back, this did a much better job, of juicing, than the strainer. 

Some pros and cons. Lets start with the cons: No color choices. Expensive. Bulky to store. Could use a smaller berry screen. Lots of parts to clean. The pros: Quality product. Efficient. Minimal waste.

I always try to get an attachment, thinking I will save on storage space. That is not the case here. You are better off purchasing a stand alone masticating juicer. This item was returned to the store.

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