Friday, June 15, 2012

Griddle Me This!

To know me, is to know I love to griddle!

Whether it be on a 1990's special edition Wagner cast iron griddle:

Or on a Farberware Electric Griddle:

There is no denying my love for the griddle. I can't imagine not having a griddle to cook on. They are so practical. A necessary tool for anyone wanting to put food out in a hurry! This photo demonstrates how many foods can be cooked, and coordinated on the griddle. I highly recommend stove top cast iron griddles, such as, Wagner and Griswold. Look for them at yard sales, thrift stores and ebay. Also, I highly recommend the Farberware Electric Griddle. This is a vintage model, and again, you will have to look for them at yard sales and thrift stores, or ebay. I steer clear of teflon coated griddles, or anything teflon coated, for that matter!

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