Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Freezing Ground Meats

I am going to share with you my tips for freezing ground meats, quickly and efficiently.

I repackage the meat as soon as I bring it home from the store. The packaging, from the store, is not meant for long term storage. We can do better than that! I start by keeping the meat in it's package. The grocery bag will help to keep things tidy in the kitchen, and avoid contaminating the counters. I also like to use rubber gloves when cooking. It's my personal preference. Gather your supplies. The fastest way to do this is to have a large ice cream scoop at the ready.
Just scoop the meat onto a smooth baking sheet. This scoop yields 4 ounces of meat. I am using ground chicken. Other options would be: turkey, pork, beef or sausage.
If you have a burger press, use it! It is a great time saver. If you don't have one, no worries, just form each scoop of meat into a patty.
Freeze patties overnight. Then lift them from the baking sheet, using a spatula. This is why the baking sheet has to be smooth.
Shrink wrap the individually frozen pieces of meat. When you are ready to use, just take out what you need.


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