Saturday, June 21, 2014

Turkey Burger Patties

Every since I reworked my "How To Make Ground Turkey Taste Like Ground Beef" recipe, I've been using it in all my ground turkey recipes. 

Today, I am going to teach you my simple recipe for Turkey Burger Patties. Once you have the patty down, you can make some of my favorite burger creations: Mushroom and Onion w Swiss Cheese, Teriyaki Burger with Pineapple Slaw, or a blue cheese version, my cousin helped to create, I call the Tamburger. 

Let's get to the patties. 

There are two turn off"s for ground turkey for me:  The first thing is the pale, bland color. Secondly is the dryness. We are going to solve both issues.

If I hadn't told you this was ground turkey, you would think it is beef. That is because the color has been transformed with the addition of Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Liquid. It is the base of all my ground turkey recipes. You can read about it here

So, the bland coloring, of the turkey is no longer an issue. No one will know, by looking at your finished product, that it was ground turkey.

Back to the recipe. 

We've started with 1 pound of ground turkey breast, kneaded in with 1 tablespoon of kitchen bouquet. 

Now, we are going to season with Righteous Kitchen Seasoning and Worcestershire sauce. This will beef things up. 

To tackle the issue of dryness, I am incorporating quick cooking oats. This is an old school diner technique, I learned years ago, while working at a small town diner.

Since ground turkey gives off  liquid, we are going to use that to our advantage. We want the oats to absorb any liquid, thus keeping the meat moist.

Portion the seasoned meat into patties. Four patties are great, for standard sized burgers. If you like a flattened patty, now is the time to flatten it. We never want to press the patty, once it is in the pan. The goal is a juicy burger, not a dry one. Pressing and flattening it on the cook top will remove the liquids you are trying to keep.

A good tip would be to make a lot of patties, to freeze for future use.

To cook:  You will need to bring your cooking surface to medium high heat, making sure to oil well. 

There is a tendency for the patties to caramelize, to the pan, because of the Kitchen Bouquet Browning Liquid. To offset that, I recommend a couple tablespoons water, poured near the patties. 

They will steam, so watch your fingers!

Just cover the patties, for a few minutes, until it is time to flip.
If you are topping your burger with cheese, you can place that on, after the flip. Then cover the patties, with the lid, once more. 

This is a great tasting Turkey Burger Patty that relies on basic, thought out cooking techniques, that I think you will enjoy. 

Here's a Turkey Burger with Mushroom & Onions, using this Turkey Burger Patties recipe.

To look at that, you would not know it was a Turkey Burger. Also, it tasted like beef, and wasn't dry.


1 Pound lean ground turkey
1 Tablespoon Kitchen Bouquet Browning & Seasoning Sauce
¼ Cup quick oats
1 Tablespoon Worcestershire sauce

Using your hands; knead Kitchen Bouquet into ground turkey. Add remaining ingredients; kneading well. Divide into 4 pieces. Shape into patties. To cook: Heat cooking surface to medium high. Oil cooking surface. Place patties on cooking surface. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons water, to steam. Cover patties with a lid. Do not press patties with a spatula, doing so will result in a dry patty. Cook for 3 minutes, until one side is browned. Flip patties. Top with cheese if desired. Cover with lid. Cook for 3 more minutes, until juices have ran clear, and cheese is melted. Use in your favorite burger recipe. 


  1. Could you use old fashioned oats in this? or only quick oats?

  2. If using old fashioned oats, I would give them a quick dice, with a knife; to break them down.

  3. This is fabulous! I used ground chicken, and a cast iron skillet with a dab of oil. Got a good sear, then flipped and steamed it. Wow! Like a char grilled hamburger!! Thanks for this. Love the Righteous seasoning also.