Sunday, August 26, 2012

Maintaining The Correct Oven Temperature

Is your oven a little off? Are you burning things? Cooking times not adding up? Your oven temperature is off!

The easiest tip I can give, to regulate your oven temperature, is to hang an oven thermometer in your oven. No more guesswork!

*  Of course you can always pay a repairman to come out to your house and adjust your temperature control and charge you $100.00. If you have an oven with a knob the adjustment is easy. You start by getting a correct temperature of your oven, using an oven thermometer. Remove the knob. Looking at the back of the knob are markings. You go to the right or left, depending on what the temperature of your oven read. Then test your knob to ensure it is matching with your oven temperature. I'm sure has a clearer description on how to regulate your oven, but that gives you the general idea.

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  1. Great article Aunt Lana, now that I have a computer, I can read your blogs! Yay!